I am a Market Infrastructure Expert with research interests in the fields of Market Microstructure and Digitalisation of Financial Markets.

In my current work I investigate the impact of technological innovation on market infrastructures. I contribute to the definition of potential use cases, assessing their ability to deal with the challenges faced by users and their likely impact on their business, by means of scenario thinking, testing, and engagement with market participants. You can find information on my current publications here.

Working in the DG-Market Infrastructure and Payments at the European Central Bank, I have been the lead expert in the area of distributed ledger technologies since August 2015. Before that, I dealt with issues related to collateral and securities market – first as an assistant professor since May 2012 and then in policy-oriented work at the ECB, where I focussed on issues related to market integration.

I have a considerable experience in delivering the outcome of analytical work to a broad audience in a clear and concise way. I developed such skill lately as a speaker in many conferences in the area of market infrastructures, as a rapporteur and pen-holder in the task force on distributed ledger technologies established in the AMI-SeCo governance, and previously by working as an Assistant Professor of Finance at Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, where I taught International Finance (2013-2015) and Corporate Finance (2013) in English. At University of London, Queen Mary College, I was course leader for Financial Econometrics (2015) Capital Markets (2012-2014) and Applied Econometrics (2011), winning the School prize for excellence in teaching and receiving teaching evaluations from 4.67/5 to 4.8/5. At University of London, I have also one year of experience managing a team of 12 teaching assistants in the postgraduate Programme, where I took care of forming the TAs, allocating them to different tasks, and dealing with students’ complaints reporting directly to the Programme Director.

I received my Ph.D. from University of London, where I completed my thesis in July 2013. I got my first degree in Economics and Information Technology at University of Sassari (Italy), where I developed my skills in the development of database applications at conceptual and logical level as an interface between business people and programmers. My postgraduate education started with a 2-year MSc in International Economics at University of Rome “Tor Vergata” in 2006, followed by a M.Res. in Economic Theory and Econometrics at Toulouse School of Economics. I then worked for the Italian Antitrust Authority on the issues of the banking industry in the aftermath of the Subprime Crisis. That introduced me to the application of Mathematics and Statistics to Financial Intermediation and made me enthusiastic about such line of research, leading to my Ph.D. studies on the role of collateral in financial markets at University of London.